FFR1          Application for registration of a Foundation
FFR2   Annual application for renewal of registration of a Foundation
FFR3   Notice of change of registered particulars of a Foundation
FFR4   Application to rectify the register
FFR5   Application by the Resident Agent to be removed as a Resident Agent
FFR6   Notice of change of resident agent and of registered office
FFR7   Application for registration of an overseas Foundation in Samoa
FFR8   Application for removal of a Samoan Foundation from the register for the purpose of becoming established as an overseas Foundation
FFR9   Application for the use of a name for a Foundation
FFR10   Application for a change of name of a Foundation
FFR11   Notice of interest of an Official Liquidation
FFR12   Application by the Council for the Appointment of a Liquidator
FFR13   Notice of Completion of winding-up
FFR14   Application for the removal of the Foundation from the register following the winding-up
FFR15   Application for the reinstatement of the foundation to the register
FFR16   Application for restoration to the register for a Foundation which has been struck off and filing of any document or information in that respect
FFR17   Notice that the Foundation does not intend to pay the prescribed annual renewal fee
FFR18   Application by the Resident Agent of the surviving entity with an approved plan for the consolidation or merger of Foundations